The Life That Could Have Been

3. října 2014 v 20:18 | Brige
I meet someone the other day
It's good to see her face again
She's the one who got a way
Way back when

Showed photos of her family
Soon to marry mum to be
She used to want all that with me
And she smiled and I laughed

Then I imagined if I didn't take that fight
What would my world be like?
Would I be standing at the altar by her side?
Would her child be mine?
And I think that I've just seen
The Life That Could Have Been

She's happy now and that's a fact
And who am I to mess with that
So I won't try to get her back
In a way I'm glad

'Cause that was then and this is now
Still I can't help but think about
All the things that I'm without
But I wave the white flag


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