Hard To Get

16. února 2014 v 15:25 | Brige
All the guys want me
so I play it cool
I'm much to small to open up
and be someones fool
I life it from the distance
They think I wanna die
I drop them down and turn away
then I hear them say

I'm hard to get,
no one's caught me yet,
hard to get,
I'm playin' hard to get

All the guys want her
and I want her too
I've heard they say she can't be reach
and always plays it cool
I know she can't be happy,
locked inside herself
I hope I'm the one for her,
but only time will tell

She's hard to get
no one's caught her yet,
hard to get
she's playin' hard to get

You find so poor why am I so sad
I wish someone could try a little harder
I'm so affraid bein' hard to let them go
I wish I could take a chance
I went to some guys party
and saw her look my way
all I need is a little look
this could be the day
I looked you to the people
I took that chance tonight
but show me how can be turn a part
found each other somehow

I was hard to get,
until the day we met
hard to get
she's playin' hard to get
these days we can' t forget
hard to get
playin hard to get
playin hard to get
playin hard to get


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